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Hi. I'm a web designer crafting great things in Norwich, Norfolk. I'm passionate about creating WordPress websites that work hard for your business.

Here's where I come in

You run a business. You're established, but you just don't have the online presence you need to keep growing.

Perhaps you started out with a fairly basic website, possibly a pre-made WordPress theme, but you've outgrown it (you're killing this whole business thing, right?)

Your business accumen can be put to so much better use than working out how to get the most out of your website.

You have products to create and clients to please, so delegate the web design work to me and get something that'll really work hard for your business.

Take a look at what I do and how I do it.

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Here's what people have to say about me.

Scott Cole- A Norwich WordPress We Designer

Who am I?

I'm a web designer/developer in one, with a love for great design that's functional and fast. I'm just as passionate about getting into the design for your amazing new website that's going to work hard for you, as well as making sure it's coded well and functions fantastically.

Graduating from the Norwich School of Art and Design with a BA(Hons) gave me a great eye for design, and I love creating website code that's efficient and makes sense (great for your website's Search Engine Optimisation!).

More than anything, I love getting to know your business and what you need to keep growing. I'm a passionate problem solver so I won't stop until I create something bespoke that we can both be proud of and that's going to help push your entrepreneurial hopes and goals forward.

I can't wait to work together and see what we can create together.

Let's work together

I blog about things too. Everything from design and development, to anything else website related...

The blog? Take me there!

Here are some of my latest blog posts:

This article shows you how to get the most out of UpdraftPlus for WordPress. How to backup WordPress using Updraft

How to backup WordPress using UpdraftPlus. That’s the aim of this little article. It’s in the name. UpdraftPlus is one of the plugins I will install on basically every WordPress website I create. There are other plugins, such as Yoast SEO, that are just are useful. I’ll probably write detailed “how to” articles on those […]

Can I run my website without cookies? My experiment to see what I can do with less.

Website cookies. They’re everywhere. You’d be hard-pressed to find a website that doesn’t set cookies. Although websites typically have to set a Session cookie, I got to thinking whether I could actually run my website without using cookies at all (aside from that Session cookie). I’ve tried a few different things in my life just […]

WordPress comment form and cookies - one small step towards an almost cookieless website

The WordPress comment form and Cookies. Privacy. Data Protection. These are topics that are at the forefront of people’s minds at the moment (and have been for some time over the last year). It’s for good reason too. We as internet users really should be mindful of what personal data we put out there and […]