Work with me - I'm a problem solving web designer.

You'll get something that'll help push your business forward. Get out of the old and into the forward-thinking new.

Does this sound familiar?

You've had your website for a while, but you just don't seem to be getting what you need out of it.

You've got this amazing product or service and you know that people want it... But they're just not going to your website. Or, people are visiting your website but they just aren't becoming customers... Your website isn't doing anything with that traffic.

You've seen other businesses or entrepreneurs doing something similar, and their website is killing it. It looks great, it's pixel perfect. You don't just want to match their success - you want to surpass it.

Work with me - I can help.

Enter Stage Right: Your completely bespoke WordPress website

Get something that works hard for you. Let's go from just getting by to entreprenurial pro.

I won't bore you with technical jargon - here's a run down of what I do to push your business forward.

Completely bespoke

I get to know you. Your aspirations. What makes you and your business tick. I don't create in the dark.

I use that to craft a completely bespoke WordPress website that can grab visitors by the browser and shows them what you have to offer.

Why WordPress?

It's one of, if not the most popular Content Management System out there.

But more than that, it's easy to use and packed full of features that will help support you once I've handed over the keys to your brand new bespoke website.

Get those visitors

There's no use in a website that gets no visitors. Period.

You'll get code for your new website that's written in a way search engines love. Great on-page optimisation like that is the first step in ranking higher in the search results.

I can help out with some keyword research for your content too (if you're not hiring a copywriter).

Design that's engaging

So you want more visitors to your site? Great! What're they going to do when they get there?

I'll work hard on a design that shows those new visitors what you're offering in the best way possible. That design isn't just there to look good. It's got a function. That design is there to get visitors to where you need them to be to achieve your inner entrepreneur's dreams.

Code that works

It's the skeleton and muscles of your new website. It's got to be as efficient as possible (no one wants a website that just breaks!).

I'll make sure it loads quickly and works optimally (we don't want to keep your visitor's waiting, do we?).

It's widely accepted that visitors will leave if your site takes too long to load. I'll make it one of my biggest priorities to make sure it's snappy.

So here's what happens

First things first

You fill in the form at the bottom of this page, or go on over to the Get In Touch page if you want some other ways to reach me.

I'll tell you when I can start on your amazing new project, we'll have a quick chat about what you need, and I'll send over my starting stuff for you to look through (things like a contract and questionnaire I'll get you to fill in etc.).

You pick a starting date (either right away if I'm available, or a later date if you want).


We have a meeting (in person or over Skype if you're not nearby).

We'll talk about the questionnaire I asked you to fill in, and your vision for your new masterpiece website.

I'll brainstorm (thinking cap on and cup of tea in hand).

We'll meet again to talk about content and design inspriration. We'll also talk about domain names and hosting for your new site (I'll guide you through it all).


Now we know what content you need to create (or what content your copywriter has written/created) I sit down and create a style guide for your new website and create wireframe examples of some pages.

You're excited about the wireframes and style guide!

I go away and create some detailed Photoshop mockups of what your new site will look like! (After any changes to the wireframes/style guide of course).

Development (the coding bit)

You've signed off the final designs! Great news!

I make more tea (there's a lot of tea drinking in this process) and I start to code your bespoke WordPress website.

I'll show you different bits as we go along so you can approve them.

Your bespoke WordPress site is ready to go! I'll test it and you'll give me the finished content to put in!

Now you sit back and marvel at what a great decision this was...

Here's what you can get in your deal

If you need more, or less, we can talk it through.

Planning and prep

Meet ups or Skype calls to get this started - We talk about what you need to smash your goals. You can also tell me if you've got company colours etc. too - I'm happy to work with them.

Content help

If you're writing the content yourself rather than hiring a copywriter, I'll proof read and suggest edits if you need it.

Domain name and hosting

I'll recommend where and how you can get these things and give you advice on what you need (it's good for you to remain in control of your hosting etc.). I'll even guide you through the process (I'm just at the end of the phone).

A bespoke design

I'll create a design that fits your business. From colours and fonts to the layout itself - You're unique, so your website should be too.

Need a logo?

I'll design you a logo if you don't already have one (or make changes to your current one to bring it up to date if you like).

Up to 5 different page layouts

That includes your home page, blog page, and any others like a sales page for when you need something a little different to make your point.

All the extra bits you didn't know you needed

I'll install the plugins you'll need for things like managing the Search Engine Optimisation of your new site, and things like Google Analytics and Google Search Console so you can track what's happening.

Social media bits

We don't want to forget social media! I'll make bespoke headers for things like Facebook and Twitter to match your new look.


Once your new website is live I'll show you how to use it (you'll probably want to upload some new blog posts), and I'll be at the end of the phone (or email) for a month afterwards to make sure you're settled in and confident and that everything works just right.

Now, take the first step. Get in touch.

We'll talk about what problems you need help solving, where you're going, and I'll give you a quote to get you there.

Questions? Look here

Typically I expect a project to take 6 weeks.

Naturally, that can change depending on your exact requirements (for example, if you need an e-Commerce WordPress theme created). It can also vary based on how prepared you are following me sending you the starting pack questionnaire, and how quickly different parts of the project are signed off.

I will always keep you updated on the expected finish date if it does happen to change.

I use a few different tools. Photoshop for the wireframes and mockups, and BoxySVG and Inkscape (they're vector programs) for any additional graphics like icons and for logos.

The coding for your website can be done in any text editor (no website builders here). I use the Bootstrap framework for the bare bones.

I use WordPress, as I said above, because it's one of the most popular and easy to maintain Content Management Systems which means you'll have plenty of support when you're using your new website. It also has a ton of great plugins that can be used (free and premium) for certain functionality.

I try to make this as straight-forward as possible. When you contact me, I'll give you the next date I can start. You can either ask me to start right away if I can, or pick a date in the future.

When I send you my starting pack I'll include an invoice.

If you chose to start right away, I take a 50% payment at the start of the project, and 50% when the website is ready to go live.

If you pick a date to start in the future, I'll ask for a 25% deposit when you book your start date, a further 25% when we start the project, and then the final 50% when the website is ready to go live.

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